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"I love to see my patient leave here happy...I've been a Chiropractor now for twenty-five years and have never grown tired of it. Each patient has specific needs and each patient is special to me. chiropractor in new braunfels

My favorite part of what I do for a living is chiropractor in new braunfels

making people happy and chiropractor in new braunfels

healing people naturally." chiropractor in new braunfels

​     ~ Dr. Vanessa Vajdos, DC chiropractor in new braunfels

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If you are an athlete of any type, sports medicine is the way to go.

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In world class competition, you are willing to try anything to try to get the extra edge so that you can perform your best. After discovering my right leg was short, a sports medicine doctor in Houston helped me understand how this led to extreme sciatica which ultimately led to my stress fracture.

“When you are on a high level of fitness, your body can go either way. It can either be in a peak performance mode and it can break down. It was because of my personal breakdowns is what led to me on a quest to learn as much about sports medicine as possible.“

New Braunfels Sports Injuries

Why I Specialized in Sports Medicine

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~ Dr. Vanessa Vajdos DC ~

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Sports injuries? I’ve had my share!
I had about every injury there was from stress fractures to muscle strains, muscle sprains, trigger points, inability to walk much less run, extreme muscle cramping, dehydration, extreme fatigue from overuse training to exhaustion.

My most extreme injury was a stress fracture of the posterior distal femur. In trying to understand why I got a stress fracture in the femur which is one of the largest and strongest bones in the body, this led me to educate myself on the structure and biomechanics of the body which led to such a serious injury. All of this led me to chiropractic, diet, massage, acupuncture, yoga, stretching and many other healing modalities.

With a Bachelor of Science from the University of Texas in Pharmacy, I understood what the medical doctors could do for me, but I did not understand what alternative healing could do for me.

As a world class marathoner runner representing Nike shoe company, I have had about every sports injury possible. I would train 80-100 miles per week under the coaching of a bronze medalist named Al Lawrence.