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Degeneration Phase 1:  Within the first stage of spinal degeneration, the person does not generally feel much pain. If you have the condition treated at this point, the process can often be undone. If you choose to begin the process in phase one, the success rate is much higher and it is recommended to begin in phase one before the condition becomes impossible to undo. During this stage, the spinal curvature and spine balance is reduced from normal. In addition, the discs, joints and nerves experience stress and age faster than normal.

In Conclusion:  With chiropractic care each patient’s response is different. Some people will see improvements in the restoration in their spinal curves and also increased range of motion. In phase two, responses are not as predictable and there are many factors affecting the success of treatment in this phase. Phase three is more difficult to treat due to many years of neglect. However, where we can find success in phase three is to begin to treat the areas above it and below the fixations to retard the process of further degeneration in these areas.  In summary, by retarding the process of further degeneration, a patient will find success with chiropractic care.

Degeneration Phase 4  If you’ve reached the fourth stage of spinal degeneration, it means that the condition is irreversible. Most of  the damage that has occurred during the other stages is now permanent. You have irreparable nerve damage,  scar tissue and deformation. At this point, we can offer pain management and treatments to increase your comfort levels. The overall goal of chiropractic is to increase your level of well being. If you have not yet reached this point, be sure to start treatment right away to prevent the condition’s effects from continuing.

Degeneration Phase 3  During spinal degeneration’s third stage, you will probably experience a loss of energy and your height would be reduced.  Because there are a lot of issues at this stage, you will experience more physical and mental involvement. At this stage, it is possible for chiropractic care to reduce some of the effects. This stage includes nerve damage and the bones and discs are deforming. Disks are like fluffy sponges. Over time as a sponge becomes dried up and desiccated with use the disk becomes dried up and desiccated over time. Whatever the phase that you are in some chiropractic care is better than no chiropractic care.

Degeneration Phase 2  By the second stage of spinal degeneration, you are likely to experience pain, aches, stress and fatigue.   Nevertheless, there is still the chance to improve the condition within this stage with chiropractic care, and this is the last stage where real improvement is possible. Therefore, do not overlook the importance of receiving  chiropractic care right away. This stage is characterized by the discs narrowing, the bones deforming and the posture degenerating.

Four Phase Process

Think of this degeneration process as Spinal Decay

Some patients who begin chiropractic care in Phase One discover a restoration of their spinal curves and improved range of motion along with the removal of nerve root interference and a general improvement in overall health and well being. 

This process in the spine has similarities to tooth decay in that it shows up as a lack of consistency in taking care of one’s body which in this case is the spine. A lot of people think that this process of spinal decay is part of the normal wear and tear due to aging. The philosophy of chiropractic is that spinal degeneration really is is a condition of uncorrected spinal misalignment. Chiropractors believe that once the misalignments are corrected the central nervous system will begin to function at an optimal level. 

Spinal Degeneration