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It’s a question we hear all the time. If you’ve experienced great results from care in our office, it’s only natural to want someone you love to benefit too. Here are some approaches you may find more helpful than threats.

"I love to see my patient leave here happy...I've been a Chiropractor now for twenty-five years and have never grown tired of it. Each patient has specific needs and each patient is special to me.

My favorite part of what I do for a living is

making people happy and

healing people naturally."

​     ~ Dr. Vanessa Vajdos, DC

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 Are you having a hard time convincing your spouse to see a chiropractor?

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The number of children diagnosed with asthma has increased dramatically in the last several decades. The quality of our air has gone down in recent years, foods now contain harmful ingredients that weren’t around years ago, and stress factors have increased through the years for our children. These factors and more have all contributed to this worrying spike in asthma diagnoses.

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How Can I Get My Spouse To Come In?

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~ Dr. Vanessa Vajdos, DC ~

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​​Ask questions: Rather than judge their unwillingness to try chiropractic, become curious. Since our behaviors are the result of our beliefs (conscious and unconscious), try to find out what belief(s) are standing in the way. Often it’s some unfounded fear or misconception. Find out what the real issue is.

Supply information: One of the best ways to defuse irrational fears is by sharing information. Let us know how we can help. What could we do to equip you with the information you need to make a difference?

Offer an invitation: We are open and welcoming to skeptics, doubters and cynics! We stand ready to field phone calls—even anonymous ones. Or bring your loved one with you to take a tour of our practice on your next visit.

Give it time: Change takes time. Whether it’s making changes to the spine or changing someone’s beliefs. Be patient. Trust that your friend or family member will choose chiropractic if and when the time is right.

Every bodily function, controlled by our nervous system, is the key idea behind chiropractic. And since we experience our lives through our nervous systems, the decision to use chiropractic has huge implications. When you tell others, you’re changing the world. Congratulations!