The rules are simple. You probably already know them.

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Turns out, the quality of our health is the result of a set of very simple rules. Play by the rules and you have the best chance for optimum health. Break the rules and you’ll pay for it. Not always immediately, but eventually.

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Breaking the Rules

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​Just about everyone knows the rules. Here are 10 of the most obvious ones:​

  1. You shall breathe. If you stop breathing, breathe in a shallow manner or inhale pollutants, there will be price to be paid.
  2. You shall ingest nutrition. Eating quality food is needed to provide the essential vitamins, enzymes and minerals needed to fuel, grow and repair your body.
  3. You shall expel wastes. What goes in, must come out. If it comes out too quickly you’ll suffer. If it takes too long to come out you’ll suffer as well.
  4. You shall hydrate. We’re mostly water. Replacing what is lost to facilitate crucial bodily functions is essential. The key is to drink enough fluids so you never feel thirsty.
  5. You shall move. A sedentary lifestyle causes stagnation, poor circulation and hampers the function of the lymphatic system while muscle tone suffers.
  6. You shall rest. Your body needs time to renew, refresh and repair. This is done largely at night while enjoying restful sleep.
  7. You shall adapt to your environment. Your nervous system orchestrates every cell and tissue. That’s why chiropractic care is so essential for good health.
  8. You shall love. You are the product of love. Love your Maker. Love yourself. Love others. The more you give away the more you’ve got.
  9. You shall forgive. You will make mistakes. You will hurt others. You will fall short of the mark. Forgive others as you forgive yourself.
  10. You shall die. Many try to break this one. Even medicine sees death as a disease state. It’s natural. It’s inevitable. It’s part of the plan.

There’s one more rule. If you’re inclined to look to the government, drug manufacturers, insurance companies or others, remember the 11th rule: You shall be responsible. Valuing your health and following the rules permits you to live a purposeful life. Life is a gift. Batteries are included. No assembly required. Enjoy!